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Two mates in the Maldives…

April 24th, 2014

gold on the water...

saltmotion-photography-courseWhen a day starts and ends with a golden glow and the time in between is spent surfing countless waves and hanging out on an empty beach, you know it has been a good day.

This morning we shared a break with a few other surfers that are in the area, in the middle of the day a few of us went for a stroll along a deserted, palm lined beach with white sand and aqua water. The evening saw all the other surfers pull anchor and disappear leaving the break for just two surfers and myself photographing until dark. Gus and Tristan traded waves for about two hours. If one came through just a little further up the reef they let it go and waited for a better one. No hassles, no stress just two mates, a stack of waves and a golden sunset, sweet….

If you are interested in getting to the Maldives then get in touch with the team at The Perfect Wave, they know where to go and when, to ensure good times like these…

Enjoy your day,
Joel Coleman…

Tristan  - loving life

tropical stroll

afternoon lip

wave 1000 for the afternoon

watching one slide through

two mates - all smiles

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