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perfect and no one out...

Barton-Lynch-CharterWhen you steam ‘the mother ship’ up to a new surf break and arrive to see some beautiful, warm, tropical waves peeling off the reef and no one out, you tend to drop whatever it is you were doing (reading a book, snoozing, snoozing, reading a book) and get out there a.s.a.p. As it turns out, we have been really lucky the last few days with only a handful of other surfers in the area. We have had many sessions out here at 5 Islands on our own. I surfed it last night for a few hours until dark at about 4-5 foot with two other people in the water. Sessions in the surf like that are what you come here for, it’s what makes you come back and it’s certainly what makes you smile!

For those interested in learning how to take full control of a DSLR camera I am running a photography course in Sydney when I get back from this tropical dream. Info (here)

Enjoy your day,
Joel Coleman…


morning fly by

sitting beneath blue skies

camera sized keg

lozza sticking the arm stall...

before sunrise to after hours...

from below

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