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The Quiver Tree

July 14th, 2014

The Quiver Tree

photography-course-sept-2014I often get ideas in my head for different photographs that I want to setup and make come to life. I’ll spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years thinking about putting them together. Some involve exotic destinations, some just need the right conditions in the ocean and others, like ‘The Quiver Tree’ just needed a few mates, a couple of take-away pizzas,┬ásome creative outdoor lighting and a calm winter night. I’ll have this photograph hanging in the gallery within the next few weeks, or you can order it online (here).

There have been some incredible surfing days over the last week. I hope those amongst you who surf have managed to get your fill of waves. I have certainly been out and about with the camera as well as surfing every day… Check my Instagram feed.

I am running a photography course this September, it will most likely be the last one for 2014 so if you are interested please click (here) to reserve your place.

Enjoy your day,
Joel Coleman…


behind the scenes...

movement along the wall

Queenscliff Barrels - nice

sections of green

the beachbreak behaving like we wish it always would...

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