About Us

Saltmotion’s founder and photographer, Joel Coleman, started a blog from his bedroom in 2007 to share his surf photographs with friends. Within a few years Saltmotion had a growing, loyal following and, in June 2010, opened the doors to its first art gallery in Manly, Sydney.

Still today, the Saltmotion blog is regularly uploaded with Joel’s latest photographs taking, what can often be, every day beach scenes which Joel translates into pieces of art that people connect with.  Joel helps us to stop and appreciate the beauty that is our world.

Our award winning gallery, located in Manly, Australia, is where the online world is merged with reality, offering a place to view artworks in their full splendor. We have over 70 images on display at any one time, in varying sizes and framing options. Our gallery managers can assist you with selecting the perfect pieces for your home, business or as gifts.

As a business, our immediate purpose is to create something beautiful that will stand the test of time as well as creating opportunity for likeminded people.

Our greater purpose is to create a successful company by doing and sharing what we love. Leading by example, we aim to inspire people to enjoy their lives and enjoy the natural world while causing the least harm to it in the process. Making Saltmotion a profitable business allows us to funnel back and protect the very environment that provides for us. We take this role very seriously and make all efforts to be an environmentally conscious business in everything we do.


I love the way you do business…very refreshing and very cool.

A Simmons, Sydney


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